Valentine's ‘Nice or Naughty’ Promotion

Valentine's ‘Nice or Naughty’ Promotion
Nice or Naughty

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  It’s conjures up memories of dinners under a star spangled sky while humming to the slow jazz in the background. Truly it’s a day where all the ladies are treated like queens.  However, it’s also a day feared by many men as they rush to memorize cheesy poems and find us ladies the perfect gifts. 

Here at HiShop, We believed that every fabulous lady out there deserves a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. Therefore starting from 4th February onwards, we want to present YOU with our very own limited edition Valentine gift for every purchase of RM100 or more. Just tell us whether you prefer it Nice or Naughty and we’ll handle the rest!

*During the checkout process, just state the type of gift you prefer (Nice or Naughty) in the “Add Comments About Your Order” section at step 4. Promotion ends 15th February.

**The following images above are used for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect the actual gifts themselves.