TruDtox ThermoG 5s


Gentle detox tea
-Relieve Stomach Bloat
-Health Benefit

Best Selling Health Product Watsons HWB Award 2008
No Senna.
No Dependency.
European Herbs.
Convenient consumption. No change in lifestyle required.

Whats in the Box:
5 teabags x 3g.
Individually sealed in aluminium sachets.

Why Do We Need to Detox Regularly?
We are now exposed to more toxins than ever before in our environment. Studies showed that toxins come from everyday subtle sources such as our air, drinking water, processed food, pesticides, drug residues, personal care products, household cleaning products and many others.

When our natural detoxification system (liver, colon, kidneys, gallbladder, lungs, skin, lymph and blood) are unable to cope with the excess amount of toxins, these toxins are recirculated back into our body system, leading to all kinds of health problems. Signs of toxicity include headaches, tiredness, sluggishness, mood swings, constipation and tummy bloat.

Feel Cleaner, Lighter & Re-energized!
A regular detoxification routine (e.g. 2-3 times a week) is recommended to flush out waste and toxins before they start to accumulate to unhealthy levels.

TruDtox is a proprietary blend of high quality herbs and floras that are traditionally used for aiding body detoxification and for strengthening our own body detoxification organs. It works gently and does not contain any harsh laxatives that can cause bowel dependency. Senna-free, TruDtox is safe, gentle and suitable for regular use.

Benefits of Detoxification
-Flush away toxins & waste
-Promote regularity
-Relieve digestive discomforts
-Promote better absorption of nutrients
-Improve metabolism
-Strengthen immune system
-Promote health, vitality & energy

Multi award-winning detox tea since 2007, TruDtox is the consumers top choice when it comes to safe and gentle detoxification. Many TruDtox users found TruDtox is effective in helping them reduce tummy bloat and digestive discomforts.

"I used to be constantly tired and bloated in my tummy. I found TruDtox to be so effective even on my first try. Not only did it flush out my waste but I felt much lighter, more energetic and even have better digestion. I drink TruDtox regularly now and my tummy is flatter!" - Shahrul Nizah

"After just 5 days of continuously drinking TruDtox, I noticed I have less bloat and my tummy is much flatter than before!"
-Anita Chiam

"I have tried so many different products but after drinking TruDtox, I could feel the difference. I felt so much lighter, cleaner and better."
-Rose Che

"Staying in shape is easier than ever. I feel more energized and healthier!" - Muhammad Nazzree

"Eating too much leaves me bloated, sluggish and tired. After 3 TruDtox sessions, Im lighter, more alert and more focused at work"!

"I used to feel tired all the time. After taking 5 sessions of TruDtox, I started to feel more alive and my energy levels have increased!" - Joycelyn

Recommended Daily Intake
2 - 3 times a week OR as and when required.

Brew tea bag in a cup of hot water for 20 - 30 minutes.
1. The effect may vary due to water temperature and brewing duration.
2. Colour, texture, smell and taste may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the variations of natural ingredients used.

Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the difference between TruDtox Original and TruDtox ThermoG? How should I make my choice?
A: Both TruDtox Original & TruDtox ThermoG is gentle in its approach and does not contain any harsh laxatives that can create bowel dependency. The difference between TruDtox Original and TruDtox ThermoG is that the latter comes with a new formulation, with an added thermogenic benefit. You may use TruDtox Original to help you detox and relieve tummy bloat OR TruDtox ThermoG to help you detox and reduce tummy fat.

Q: What is the suggested consumption of TruDtox?
A: TruDtox is formulated for regular consumption because it works gently and does not require change of diet or lifestyle. Suggested consumption is 2-3 times a week OR as and when needed, according to your lifestyle. For instance, if you eat out most of the time and your food is highly processed, you may detox every alternate days. If you are eating healthily, and your food is mostly vegetables and fruits, you may detox once or twice weekly. However, if you wish to do a complete detoxification, you may take TruDtox 3-5 days continuously in a week, followed by the above suggested consumption the following week.

Q: How long does it take for TruDtox to work?
A: Within the first hour of consumption, you will tend to urinate more often. After 5-10 hours, some may feel a minor urge of bowel movement. It may take longer hours for others.

Q: Will I experience stomach discomfort or cramps?
A: It varies from individual to individual. Most will experience a slight urge of bowel movement. However, if you have not detoxed recently, you may experience slight stomach discomforts. Regular consumption may reduce the discomforts.

Q: Will I get a flatter tummy?
A: TruDtox Original helps promote healthy digestive functions and helps relieve tummy bloat and gassiness by removing the accumulated toxins and waste. TruDtox ThermoG helps you detox and reduce tummy fat by increasing body heat to help fat burning. Taken in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise plan, TruDtox ThermoG can help accelerate your weight management programme.

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