Tricovel Anti-hair loss Vial for Women (10 x 3.5ml) + Shampoo 200ml

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Tricovel Vials with Biogenina is a scientifically advanced, quick-acting effective adjuvant anti-hair loss treatment to counteract temporary hair loss and initial hair thinning. The exclusive Triactive3 Technology, applied for the first time to Tricovel vials, allows the gradual, in depth release of triple the concentration of actives ingredients over 3 days.

Biogenina is a patented natural compound that supports the regular cycle of hair formation, loss and re-growth:
- It stimulates hair bulb activity;
- It improves its function;
- It prolongs the growth phase;
- It protects it from the action of free radicals produced by emotional and physical stress, unbalanced diet, smoke, pollution (main cause of premature hair loss).

Mechanism of action:
Biogenina gives energy to bulb cells, thus stimulating the growth of the hair.

This specific action produced by Biogenina makes Tricovel products effective in the treatment of hair loss both for men and women. Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Biogenina in reducing hair loss while improving hair structure.

Hair loss is counteracted and hair life is prolonged.

Biogenina also contains Calcium Panthothenate and Biotin to give strength and nourishment to hair.

Triactive3 Innovation
For the first time Giulanni-s Dermatological Research has applied the exclusive Triactive3- Technology (patented by Giuliani) to a hair treatment in vial form.

Thanks to Triactive3, Tricovel Vials with Biogenina:
- Exploits a triple concentration of active ingredients;
- Penetrates quickly to the hair follicle and is not removed by following hair washes;
- Is laid down and released gradually over 3 days, for prolonged efficacy.

Thus, this technology allows application every 3 days.

Proven Efficacy:
Clinical study
- Reduction of hair loss: -63 percent 1
- Increase of hair strength: +80 perecent 2
- 87 percent efficacy on the increase of hair volume 3

(1,2,3) Mean result of a double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on 90 students with Telogen Effluvium (temporary and excessive hair loss) with product application every 3 days for 3 months - (1) Wash test (n. of hairs lost during hair wash) - (2) Pull test (resistance of hair to traction) - (3) percent of subjects with a clinically significant increase of hair shaft diameter.

Cosmetic Value and Safety
The content of Tricovel Vials does not leave hair oily or limp and dries quickly. The product is formulated to reduce the risk of irritation. External Use Only.

Recommended Treatment:
Just 1 application every 3 days.

How to Use It:
Twist the small ball to break it off.
Press on the bulge of the cannula to dose the product. Apply the content of a vial onto the scalp and gently massage it in. Do not rinse.

The product can be applied to dry or damp scalp. Apply once every 3 days. The recommended treatment cycle is 3 months.

This delicate, fortifying shampoo is indicated for weak and brittle hair that tends to fall. Thanks to Biogenina, an innovative natural compound, Tricovel Shampoo promotes stimulation of the hair bulb and helps counteract hair loss, lengthening hair life cycle of each hair. The formulation of this product, rich in precious wheat proteins and silk amino acids, repairs the fiber of hair, giving it a special sheen and softness. Pro-vitamin B5 and its plant-derived active components act as antioxidants on the scalp, nourish and hydrate hair, protecting it from chemical and styling stresses (for example, caused by hairdryers and brushes). It may be used every day.

New Triactive3 Technology
Tricovel Shampoo with Biogenina uses the Triactive3 (micellar) technology to deliver Biogenina. The Triactive3 technology enables Biogenina, contained in the micelles, to penetrate into the scalp and then be released gradually, even after rinsing the hair.

Fortifying Shampoo. Suitable for:
- Weak and brittle hair
- Actively complements anti-hair loss treatments

With Biogenina's innovative patent

How to use it:
Apply the product to wet, massaging it in gently; allow the shampoo to act for a few minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly.

This product has been dermatologically tested and formulated to minimize the risks of allergy.

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