Tosia Timing Multi-potent Cream

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Time & Cost saver! A Beauty Care as an ADD-ON to your daily skincare routine, to enhance your skin absorption and provide you a Top to Toe multi-functional purpose.

Tosia®  is a PREMIUM biological beauty product, a NEW Bio – technology based on natural formula, Without Cheap- Filler, No drugs, No harmful chemical & No hormones. (No plant hormones such as Soy, Yam and so on.)

It’s giving you an instant results of Lifting, Firming and reduce water retention in minutes 5-10.

Use it on your neck both side only, you will see the results on your face directly, as well your neck.

By using the same product, you can use it on your breast for firming and tightening. You also can use it to tighten the inner vaginal wall by using the same product & apply it on your belly button only.

Isn’t it amazing for you?


Is this beauty product you been looking for ages?

Are you looking for a top-to-toe multi-functional, the natural formulation, not a cosmetic effect, it’s an instant results, long term anti-aging treatment benefits & high efficacy beauty care?

We believe ALL you want is worthy.


How to use?

Convenient & easy. You may use it anytime, anywhere & once a day. Recommend use it in the morning.

Swing the bottle every time before you use. If you want..

.. the results on your face:

1 full pump for 1 side of your neck. Apply it on your neck both side downward gesture with knuckles, you will see a very good lifting, firming and reduction of water retention in minutes of 5-10.

.. the results for your breasts:

1 full pump for 1 side. Apply it on your upper breast up & down gesture with knuckles, you will see a very good lifting and firming effect on your breast, more concentrated. It is also helps for stretch-mark. You may mix together with virgin coconut oil or natural essential oil for lighten the stretch-mark purpose.

.. The results for healthy inner vaginal:

Use 1 full pump under the belly button by circulation gesture (you may use knuckles to enhance the effect), you will notice a better menstruation & inner vaginal wall tightening as well. Delay the aging process.


Why it is so amazing and it’s like a magic?

It is because of through the lymphatic system for a better body flowing system and thank to Tosia® natural smart combination of the bio-formula.

To see a tremendous results, you don’t need a 28-days process because it is not a daily skincare that you are using normally. It only take up to 7-10 days.

There is some healing effect for some user, a process of the restoration of beauty & health from an unbalanced & blockage and it is good to have a skin detoxification and improve the body flow & lymphatic system.

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