Stay Well Active Q 50mg 30s

Stay-well ACTIVE-Q is the active form of Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinol) specially for ageing adults above 50 years old. Besides increasing energy levels, CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is a powerful antioxidant that protects our body from harmful free radical damage.
However, once we past 50 years of age, our body's CoQ10 production drops drastically. Our ability to convert regular CoQ10 to the Active CoQ10 form also diminishes. Our body has to convert regular CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) into Active CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) for it to be used. The blood plasma levels of Active CoQ10 diminish greatly too if we suffer from health conditions caused by the ageing process. This affects our body's ability to rejuvenate itself and protect us from excessive free radical damage. This is why we feel tired and weak all the time.
Stay-well ACTIVE-Q skips the body's natural conversion process by delivering a concentrated dose of Active-form CoQ10 directly into our bodies. So take Stay-well ACTIVE-Q daily to boost your energy levels to feel younger, healthier and enjoy life better.
-Ageing adults past 50 years onwards
-Feel constantly tired and weak
-Take Statin drugs daily
-Visit the doctor regularly
Those with chronic conditions such as:-
-Chronic heart conditions
-High blood sugar levels
-Liver disorders
-Promote heart health
-For higher energy level
-Protects and re-energises your ageing body
-Antioxidant protection for body cells and organs
-Slows the ageing process
Take 1-2 softgels capsules daily.
Contains 30 softgel capsules
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