Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap (Ginger and Peppermint) 140g


Sensenique Natural Ginger Peppermint soap warms the body and promotes blood circulation whilst giving a refreshing and stimulating aroma. Both ginger and peppermint oils are good anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and helps to expel wind from the body.

Ginger and peppermint essential oils have been known to protect from wounds becoming septic, relax spasms, bring color to the skin and helps removes toxins from the body.

The vegetable and fruit oils used in Sensenique Natural handmade soaps are great skin protector due to its calming and moisturising properties. They are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, D, E which are major antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. These oils have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Pure Essential Oils provide the soap with natural fragrances. Consistent usage of this soap ensures smoother and softer skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Vitis vinifera L (grapeseed) oil, Olea europaea (olive) oil, Helianthus annuus (sunower) oil, Water (Aqua), Sodium Hydroxide, Zingiber officinale (ginger) oil, Zingiber officinale (ginger) powder, Mentha piperita (peppermint), Apis Mellifera (Beeswax).


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Sensenique was featured on New Straits Times (Life&Times Style) Wednesday, May 26, 2014 edition!

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USERS (15)
Another soap that is good for skin problem! It also have added benefits as it acts as a very gentle scrub while promoting blood circulation as well. Trust me, the ground coffee and cinnamon powder are so fine you won't feel a thing other than your skin becoming smooth and squeaky clean! It smells mildly of the cinnamon but not much of the coffee. Although I'd love my soap to smell like strong coffee (perfect wake-me-up without the caffeine!), it might be better leaving the soap this way so that people won't think I spilled my coffee over myself in the morning =)
BLOGGER FROM little-hideout
This is the husband’s favourite. Once he had a bad case of indigestion and his tummy was not feeling well due to “windy” body. ENO Ginger wasn’t enough. So I told him hey I just received this natural soap that is supposed to be a good remedy to expel wind or something and he was like yeah sure why not. When he had a sniff of the badass bar, he burped and burp until he felt a lot better! Thanks to that ginger and peppermint loaded bar of soap.
BLOGGER FROM jannahmdisa
#1. No added unknown ingredients With everything going green and natural, we are urged to have all our skincare products to be made up of natural ingredients so it will not harm our skin in a long run. #2. Soothe the skin with it's natural ingredients Because it's made of natural ingredients, so you'll not expect to see any irritants or reddish on your skin. #3. Natural oil that promote relaxation The content of lemongrass oil is known to have anti-depressant properties with it's aromatic scent, just what I need to promote relaxation while taking shower. #4. Promote blood circulation Among the 3 soap by Sensenique, the Sensenique Natural Ginger Peppermint soap will warm the body and eventually promote blood circulation while leaving your skin with refreshing ginger aroma. #5. Excellent skin scrub Natural finely ground coffee and cinnamon powder in the soap makes an excellent skin scrub and cleanser in removing dead skin cells, creating a brighter skin tone.
BLOGGER FROM smallnhot
The popularity of natural handmade soaps have been growing rapidly in the beauty industry, more and more health conscious consumers see these handmade soaps as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps. I personally LOVE natural handmade soaps because it has a huge range of scents and traditional healing properties.
BLOGGER FROM Little Miss Smexy
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
15 reviews
N***h Z***r
on 03/02/2017
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
15 reviews
E***o H***z
on 12/06/2015
the soap have the ginger smell and less mint smell. For the functions im not sure enough as when using it nothing difference on me.just hve to place at dry after use and avoid under sun as easily melting.but it can last quite long .i love it as it handmade soap and organic base
15 reviews
A***S S***H A***U S***N
on 03/06/2015
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
15 reviews
k***g wy
on 21/05/2015
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
15 reviews
G***h W***n N***e
on 27/03/2015
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
15 reviews
G***h W***n N***e
on 20/03/2015
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
15 reviews
A***S S***H A***U S***N
on 19/03/2015
acceptable product ,only using it for 1 week now , will keep on using and trying to see the real result
15 reviews
S***w M***i L***e
on 27/02/2015
like the scent and how it soothes my skin from dry out compare to body wash. this will be my favourite sopy going forward.
15 reviews
G***y O***g
on 02/02/2015
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
15 reviews
E***g C***n
on 29/12/2014