The Journey Begins The Sanctum journey began in 1992 on the pristine, unspoilt coastline of Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly point. Greg and Jicky Milham moved to the Byron shire in 1989 in search of a cleaner, more peaceful lifestyle to raise a family.    It was here they found the inspiration to start researching, developing and creating naturally derived skincare and over the counter pharmaceutical products. Having witnessed first hand the ‘chemical’ side of the industry while running a manufacture and fill business in Sydney, Australia, Greg was determined to produce a range of products that: remained true to their promise of ‘natural’, carried meaningful levels of active ingredients, and most importantly, really worked. Greg furthered his studies in natural ingredient products chemistry with a vision to encapsulate the pure, tranquillity of his surrounds combining locally sourced ingredients with therapeutic levels of active herbal and plant extracts, essentials oils and vitamins. The result is a range of skin, body and hair care treatments that take the efficacy of all-natural preparations to an exciting new level.   The Sanctum Organic Difference Certified Organic since 2006! We did not want to just jump on the bandwagon and be seen as another organic player in the market with some products organic and some not. Nor did we want to risk jeopardizing the standards of the products we produce as we have found that some organic products currently in the market place do not feel, smell or look like main stream skin and body care products. Some companies have one organic certified product and declare their whole range to be organic.   
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