Ruby Aura Collagen (12g x 10 sachets)


Ruby Aura is the 1st Brightening Collagen Drink that defines a Whitening Injection treatment.

It marries the power of eastern philosophy and western science, a unique 9x Golden Formula delivers a sublime, flawless and radiant feel in just 5 days.  


10 Amazing Key Active Ingredients

Strawberry powder A cup of strawberry contains 136% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C.

Peach fruit powder Contains vitamin C x20 times higher than kiwi. “The king of vitamin C”!

Collagen peptide-Optima® Hydrolyzed collagen, average molecular weight is 0.5kDa, more efficient gastrointestinal absorption.

Red beet powder Known as “the root of life” in Britain’s traditional medical.

Pomegranate extract ORAC value 10,500 (units/100g)

Grape seed extract (95% OPC) Its anti-oxidant power is 20 to 50 times stronger than vitamin E and vitamin C.

Litchi seed extract It has the function to inhibit collagenase (degradation of collagen), elastase and hyaluronidase.

Tomato extract (lycopene) Strongest anti-Oxidant found in flora.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) It promotes collagen formation and the iron absorption, participates in the REDOX reaction in the body, is an indispensable nutrition of body. Combination of Beauty and Health.

Astabio® (astaxanthin) Anti-oxidant, Anti-ageing, Anti-tumour, prevention of cardiovascular disease. Also known as “Killer” of free radical.


Effects of Ruby Aura

 Antioxidant and anti-ageing. Rejuvenate skin.

 Increases skin hydration. Restore skin moisture balances.

 Improve your skin’s brightness and radiance.

 Reduce free radical , restore youthfulness.

 Increase skin elasticity, Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

 Lighten skin pigmentation, Flawless White.


Who needs Ruby Aura

In front of computer more than 4 hours every day.

Wears up every day.

Live in an air conditioned environment.

Sleeps after 11pm more than 3 times a week.

Ages 25 or more.

Less than 2 times a month visit beauty salon.

Often work overtime, often on a business trip.

Unhealthy lifestyle and always stressed.

Exposed to sun light for a long period of time (UV exposure).

Dry and rough skin.

Often stay under lampblack, or second-hand smoke environment.

Have drinking habits.




1.       I see the term “collagen” a lot, but what is collagen actually?

Collagen is a gelatin fiber. It acts as an adhesive and as a combination tissue that contains skin, bone, ligament, cartilage, and blood vessels. Collagen is extremely important as it makes up 30% of the proteins in the body.

Collagen Peptides are low-molecular, bioavailable collagen which is broken down by the body into small collagen peptides. Around 15% absorb in their intact form; the rest are broken down into amino acids which also assist in the production of collagen. The absorbable short-chained collagen peptides stimulate fibroblast activity to produce collagen and proteoglycans which are major components of the skin.


2.      Does collagen decrease with age?

At the age of 25, collagen production begins to decrease, which also slows down the rate of metabolism in the body. This lack of collagen creates the following health problems:

·         Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, gray hair, and hair loss

·         High blood pressure, bone loss, arthritis, farsightedness

·         Atherosclerosis


3.       What is the effect of taking collagen?

Taking collagen will boost body composition. Enriching your body with collagen will positively affect skin, bones, ligaments, cartilage, and blood vessels - which will in turn make your body, look younger. It is namely anti-aging. Body composition begins to decline after the age of 25. It is important to regularly take collagen in order to maintain a youthful appearance.


4.       Is taking a lot of collagen relative to the effect? Are there side effects from taking too much collagen?

It is true that a person taking high amounts of collagen will show more effects than someone who is taking less; however, it all depends on the quality of the product that is being taken. There are no side effects from taking natural marine collagen. Ruby Aura is produced from fish scale.


5.       Is Ruby Aura safe?

Yes. It is a natural supplement derived from natural ingredients, from careful selection of raw materials through the entire manufacturing process in GMP and Italy Ministry of Health approved facilities.

Collagen has been long used all over the world in foods and medicines and clinical studies have indicated limited cases of fullness or unpleasant taste at the most, without adverse effects being noted. On the contrary, collagen ingestion proved to have beneficial effects on bone metabolism and other areas as explained throughout this document.


6.       I am going through an exercise routine. Will collagen help my dietary efforts?

Yes, collagen as a natural protein has direct relation with muscle development: The more muscle, the higher the metabolism, and the lower the fat. Collagen supports a virtuous cycle of fat loss by supporting the development of muscle tissue.


7.       How can Ruby Aura help?

Gold standard formula, combined with various active ingredients, including Strawberry powder, Peach fruit powder, Collagen peptide-Optima®, Red beet powder, Pomegranate extract (polyphenol), Grape seed extract (95% OPC), Litchi seed extract (polyphenol), Tomato extract (lycopene), Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), Astabio® (astaxanthin), besides the general effects of collagen, Ruby Aura also possesses antioxidant property, scavenging free radicals, broad-spectrum UV protection (UVA/UVB) , anti-ageing, disease resistance, cancer and other advantages, from inside to outside, solve the problem of ageing and skin darkening, and restore its youthfulness, resilience and radiance , to achieve flawless bright skin.

Direction for consumption: 2 sachets with 200-250ml room temperature or cool water before breakfast along 5-7 days. After that, consume 1 sachet daily for maintainence.

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