Osmium Peak Performance Moisturizer 100ml


With any purchase of Osmium products in July 2014, you will get 8 sachets of 3ml samples:

  • 2 x Osmium Peak Performance Moisturizer
  • 2 x Osmium Clean & Refresh Cleanser
  • 2 x Osmium Cellular Renew
  • 2 x Osmium Multivitamin Aqua Gel

Now, that's 24ml of awesomeness!

- - -

Energize and Renew, Non Greasy Matt Formula

97% Natural, 99.5% Preservative Free

An all day hydrating and recharging moisturiser that promotes the optimum functional balance
and appearance of the skin. Vitamin C and E rejuvenate and energise the skin, helping to make it
stronger and resilient to the signs of ageing. Essential oils of Tagettes, Lemon, Eucalyptus and
Juniper specifically assist to improve skin texture and hydration. Almond and Avocado deliver
Omega 3 and skin deep nourishment resulting in uplifted, invigorated, & healthier skin! A light daily
moisturiser suitable for all skin types.

- Avocado, Almond and Apricot Oils
- Rosehip Oil
- Vitamin C and E
- Menthol and Allantoin

- Hydrating and Recharging
- Vitamins and Nutrients Deeply Nourish,
- Soothing Anti-Oxidants Promotes Stronger Age Resistant Skin 
- Light, Non-greasy, Matt Formula

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