Nutriva Oliferin 60s

To protect, the natural way!
OLIFERIN is the synergistic result of combining antioxidant polyphenols (especially Hydroxytyrosol) extracted from the fresh pulp of olives with freeze-dried Lactoferrin extracted from fresh milk. The olive extract is produced under an international patented technology by the world╒s largest olive antioxidant manufacturer in Spain, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain. In one capsule of Oliferin, the Hydroxytyrosol content is equivalent to 35g of fresh table olives or half a litre (16.9 oz) of extra virgin olive oil.

Anti-inflammation - Modulates inflammatory responses including joints inflammation and relieves joint pains associated with inflammation.
UV Protection - Protects the skin from UV radiation and free radical damage.
Antioxidant - Protects against free radical damage at the cellular levels.
Anti-aging - Preserves your biological age.
Cholesterol lowering - Lowers LDL cholesterol level.
Cardiovascular Protection - Prevents the formation of thrombosis or blood clots in the blood vessels, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Immune system - Strengthens the immune system.
Anti-cancer - Exerts a protective activity against cancer.
Bifidogenic - Stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacillus strains for a good intestinal health.
Bone Health - Bone loss prevention.
Iron absorption - Enhances iron absorption in the small intestine.
Antimicrobial - Demonstrates strong antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties in various studies

Contains 60 capsules
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