Novexpert The Repulp Mask 50ml



Repulp Mask instantly restores comfort giving baby soft skin in 10 minutes and similar to the Repulp Cream it -re-plumps- and regenerates deep from within the skin targeting cells to act younger. The natural ingredients work wonders providing dramatic results without a single chemical ingredient. Main benefits of use are firmness, toning, nourishment.

The Repulp Mask has been expertly designed by Dr Colletta, a serious wonder product that gives essential anti-ageing protection for stressed out skin subject to cold,sun, pollution or dryness. Suitable for dry to normal skin types it soothes, restores, repairs and regenerates, resulting in a baby-soft complexion in just 10 minutes. Perfect for use if you are:

Regularly performing outdoor activities
Preparing fora special occasion, evening out
Requiring nourishment and firmness
Suffering from dry and fatigued skin
The ultra-high concentrations of two pure hyaluronic acids immediately provide -lipo-filling-action from within. Nourishing Vitamin E, Pomegranate and Green Tea help to input moisture making this the perfect treat for skin.

Suitable for:
From 20 years +
Normal to dry skin types
Sensitive skin
Men and Women
Size: 50 ml

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Masa pakai mask ni aku rasa macam bubuh soufflé cream. Lepas beberapa minit cream tu macam hilang meresap kat muka. Teksturnya lembut berkrim dan bewarna putih.. Bau nyer pulak lebih kepada daun-daunan yang semulajadi.Lepas dah bilas aku tengok kulit aku jadi lembut dan anjal.
Siti Fatimah
BLOGGER FROM imahtalks
NovExpert Repulp Mask ni menjadikan kulit muka macam kulit bayi dalam masa 10 minit sahaja.Ia juga mengembalikan keselesaan pada kulit wajah aku dan menyerap sel-sel baru dari dalam kulit wajah.Bahan-bahan semulajadi yang terkandung di dalam mask nie memberikan hasil yang memuaskan tanpa bahan kimia.
Siti Rohaida
BLOGGER FROM kisahsidairy
The mask works to repulp skin and give anti-aging protection for stressed out skins. This includes skin that is subjected to cold, heat, poluttion or dryness!
Jinq Heng
BLOGGER FROM jinglebell
I love the scent of the mask even though it smells very clinical. If you have sensitivity to scents, then you may not like the scent, but the mask does what it says. Plump, soft skin in 10 minutes!
Shasha Sekharan
BLOGGER FROM shashasekharan
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
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Y***n C***n
on 12/03/2016