Neuzell Juvenescence - Complete Care Kit (10ml x 3 bottles)


This set contains:

  • Neuzell Juvenescence - Micellar Cleansing Water (10ml)
  • Neuzell Juvenescence - Youth Radiance Lotion (10ml)
  • Neuzell Juvenescence - Serum, Mask & Exfoliant (10ml)
Neuzell Juvenescence 3-Steps Complete Care Kit is an innovative and simple skin care set developed with proprietary stem cell enhancing technology for optimal cellular therapy. It contains a multitude of miraculous active ingredients that works best for your skin to unleash softer, firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin.
1. Juvenescence Micellar Cleansing Water x 10ml
A one step no-rinse cleansing water formula with Micellar technology that gently removes all traces of makeup and skin impurities, including sensitive areas around eyes and lips. Neuzell Micellar Cleansing Water instills a glow to complexion with long lasting moisturization, skin is left clean, fresh and smooth with the augmented benefits of skin hydration, improved suppleness and softened texture.   
Soak cotton pad with cleansing water, gently cleanses face, eyes, lips & neck. No rinsing required.
2. Juvenescence Youth Radiance Lotion x 10ml
An extraordinary toner that works beyond a normal skin lotion.  Neuzell Youth Radiance Lotion intensely drenches skin with nutrients and enhances skin’s health. It gives an instant glow and increases skin suppleness.  Skin restore its youthful texture, brighter, smoother and healthier pH level.
Apply lotion over face & neck after cleansing. Allow it to dry naturally, follow by essence/serum.
vator that acts as serum, mask & exfoliant. It gently exfoliates and deeply revitalizes skin to restore clarity and smoothness.
3. Juvenescence Skin Renewal Tri-Action Treatment (Serum, Mask & Exfoliant) x 10ml
A unique triple action treatment.
a. Serum: Smooth over thoroughly cleansed & toned skin every evening.
b. Mask: Sweep on a thin layer on face, allow to dry for 10-20min, rinse off with water. Recommended to use 2-3 times a week.
c. Exfoliant: Smonth over a thin layer on face, allow to dry for 10-20 min, massage gently and rinse well with water.  Recommended to use 2-3 times a week.
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