MUSE VERA - Make Us Sprout Everyday We can all grow into someone's muse. Our skin and our potential will grow to better image every day. VERA means the truth, it approaches with trust and devotion to consumers. The reliable brand, Muse Vera is based on honesty and truthfulness.  Turning Point of the skin. If someone want to grow up to the remarkable Muse, the strong Turning point is necessary in the every moment. During the period of germinating and flowering and bearing fruits, it needs the Turning point with the strong energy at the every moment. Turning Point of my skin, Muse Vera.  To be safe to the skin. To be more healthy. From now on, no harmful ingredients. 10-free System: No paraben, no animality, non mineral oil, no ethanol, no acrylamide, no silicone oil, no formaildehyde, no 1,4-dioxin, no colouring, no spices. #The safe and reliable cosmetic #Cosmetic brand based on trust and honesty #The brand which considers customers first of all #The cosmetic which cultivates the clean and clear skin based on naturalism.
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