Maithong Lemongrass Soap 100g


Maithong Natural Soaps are different from any other soaps available in market because of its:-

•Unique cold process making method
•Made in small batches to ensure its quality
•Gylcerin, the key element is retained for its superb lathering properties & keeps the skin soft and moist.


The process, technique and raw material are the reasons Maithong has good properties in it. Consequently, Maithong Natural Soap are made with love and care for it’s consumers which is why they are most famous natural soap in Thailand.


Lemongrass Natural Soap

Citrus-scented Lemongrass Soap is the perfect antidote for a stress-filled day. The wonderfully aromatic herb used to create this soap helps to restore peace and calm. . It is gentle enough for use by all ages and all skin types, but especially by those whose skin feels dry, rough, irritated and itchy and in need of a soothing, healing agent.



•Serves as natural deodorant
•Reduce the outbreak of acne, blemishes, and blackhead.
•Contains vitamin E as a natural skin moisturizer and refreshner.
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