Live Well OXYsential 60s

The Complete 9-in-1 Antioxidant Formula (Vitamins ACE + Alpha Lipoic Acid & Grapeseed extract etc.) for Protection Against Harmful Free Radical Damage. 
Live-well OXYsential contains 9 synergistic nutrients that amplify each nutrient's beneficial effects in your body - to give you better protection against free radical damage.
There is a paradox about oxygen in that we cannot live without oxygen yet it is dangerous to our existence. A war is being wage within every cell of your body - called oxidative stress and is believed to be the root cause of more than 60 degenerative diseases from arthritis to cancer, heart disease and from premature ageing to even the breakdown of your immune system. 
Live-well OXYsential unique formula that provides excellent antioxidant protection:
- Combination of nutrients that work together synergistically to give more potent results than the sum of their individual potencies.
- Boosts the body's production of Glutathione - the most powerful antioxidant made by the body.
- Recycle spent* vitamin C, E, Glutathione and CoQ10, thus multiplying the antioxidant protection.
*When an antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, it loses its antioxidant power (spent), unless it can be restored to its antioxidant form (recycle)
Those who are over 45 years old
As an antioxidant supplement for prevention of degenerative diseases due to oxidative stress.
1 capsule daily after meal
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