La Mav was founded on a desire to create a highly effective skin range that was also gentle on the skin and environment. La Mav anti-ageing skincare is 100% organic, containing powerful natural bio-actives yet free from harsh chemicals. La Mav skin care is recognised by the Organic Food Chain, and specialises in age-defying results inspired by skin science, delivered through nature.   After the birth of her second child, founder of La Mav, Tarj Mavi, suffered severely from skin pigmentation and was unable to find a skincare range that provided a safe and natural alternative to the harsh chemicals used in many beauty products on the market. “No woman should have to sacrifice beauty for health,” says Tarj, and it was with this mantra that she decided to develop what is now regarded as one of Australia’s most advanced certified organic anti-ageing skin care range, La Mav.   Having spent more than 25 years working in research and development in a scientific environment, Tarj has seen first-hand the dangerous effects of the ongoing absorption of chemicals and synthetics through the skin into the blood stream. Devoting herself completely to a product that would contain nothing other than natural ingredients, Tarj spent many years researching naturally-derived bio-active constituents that would provide a potent result-driven organic alternative to mainstream beauty products.   Focusing on the repair, restoration and rejuvenation of skin at a cellular level, La Mav was eventually born in 2009 - a completely organic range that was highly effective, free of cheap synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens and other unnecessary preservatives.   La Mav’s unique Three-Tier Formula™ fights the visible signs of ageing with clinically-proven Bio-Actives to nourish, refine and repair. Each product is scientifically formulated, featuring carefully selected ingredients at every level of our Three-Tier system, resulting in a potent, results-driven concentration for the repair, restoration and rejuvenation of the skin at a cellular level.
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