Kiwi AC+ (20 sachets x 12g)


Kiwi AC+ is a natural beauty drink designed from Japan to fight against Asian skin’s troubles. Perfectly balances sebum secretion, while enhances the anti-oxidization and anti-inflammation properties, giving the most natural solution to clear the acne, refines open pores, lightens post acne marks/scars and strengthen skin’s immunity and self repair.


Sebum Control

Reduce oil secretion to prevent bacterial growth


Strengthen skin’s immunity towards stimulators


Neutralize damages of external free radicals

Healing Ability

Stimulate collagen production to lightens scars and marks



  1. Golden Kiwi seeds (Best Natural sebum control agent

l   Prevent against development of acne

l   Skin pH balancing

l   Anti under eye darkness

l   Anti wrinkle


2.     Bromelain (Best soothing & anti inflammatory agent)

l  Reduces itchness, redness & rashes

l  Promote healing of wound and scar tissue

l  Boost up immune system

l  Promote overall digesting process

l  Anti viral and anti bacterial


3.     Pomegranate (Best anti oxidant agent)

l   Correcting digestive system

l   Support immunity

l   Promote healthy blood circulation

l   Promote collagen and elastin production

l   Improve tissue repair and wound & scar healing


4.     Acerola (Best brightening agent)

l   Prevent premature aging

l   Protect against chemical stressor

l   Maintain healthy skin and connective tissue

l   Boost up immunity

l   Enhance wound healing

l   Skin brightening


5.     Red Beets (‘Superfood’ blood purifier)

l   Anti oxidant

l   Anti-inflammatory

l   Boost up immune system

l   Blood purifying

l   Detoxification



Skin Improvement

Proven result

After 10 days consumption*:

43%: Skin less oily

39%: Calm down skin inflammation (redness, swelling)

40%: Pores minimizing


After 2 months (1 treatment)*:

87%: Less pimples & acne

95%: Complexion is clarified and even!

* Results are based on self evaluation of 100 Asian aged 15 to 25. Individual result may vary.


Acne? Don’t panic, just follow our steps:



1.How long will it take for me to see results?

You will observe skin especially T-zone become less oily within 5 days, and further improvement on skin inflammatory, acne development and pore refining should be revealed within 1 month time.    


2. Would it have reverse results if I stop consuming Kiwi AC+?

Reverse effect will not happen, but the external attack from pollution and free radicals are strong enough to make your skin breakout again. In order to prevent the problem come over again, we will suggest to continue consume but in a lesser amount for like two days take 1 sachet for maintenance purpose.


3. Some acne healing product might cause acne development during the initial stage, so as Kiwi AC+?

No, Kiwi AC+ will not cause new acne development; it would try to eliminate the impurities like comedones and pimples from existing clogged pores without causing inflammation.


4. Does Kiwi AC+ have any side effect or kidney burden if I consider for long term consumption?

No, Kiwi AC+ is fully formulated with natural fruit extract and juices, without any medicated content. So, it won’t burden your kidney or other organ function.


5. Since all the fruits are available in the market, can I consume those fresh fruits and expect the same result?

Kiwi AC+ accumulates the functional actives at least 10 times more concentrated than normal golden kiwi fruit, acerola cherry, pomegranate, pineapple and red beets. Thus, you might not able to consume and adsorb the fresh fruit at this high quantity; meanwhile the sugar level in fruits might become another concern as well.  


6. What if I’m suffering hormonal acne does Kiwi AC+ helps?

Yes, hormonal acne occurrs due to excessive secretion of androgen & testosterone which the main factor leads to high sebum production. Thus, Kiwi seed extract inhibit the 5-reductase to convert testosterone into DHT which stimulate sebaceous gland enlargement and sebum hypersecretion. Therefore, it’s definitely may help you to solve the hormonal acne problem.


7. If I’m using anti acne skincare product right now, do I still need Kiwi AC+?

Yes, you definitely need Kiwi AC+ as topical product only penetrate our skin at most 5mm deep, it may reduce your acne problem for temporary only. Whereby Kiwi AC+ treat your problem from its’ root, by balancing the sebum secretion of the oil glands to achieve oil-free and blemish-free complexion.  


8. Should I stop using my skincare product while consuming Kiwi AC+?

It would be helpful and boost up your recovery if you’re using the correct skincare product at the right way. You may seek for products that are formulated from natural ingredients with soothing, hydrating and anti-oxidazing properties, such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, chamomile and etc. Try to avoid skincare product with strong drying agent (benzoyl peroxide), highly oil content, comedogenic cosmetic and etc.


9. Since I am consuming the health beauty beverage Kiwi AC+, is it alright to carry on with my bad habit lifestyle? 

It is always advisable to maintain a good lifestyle in order to see an intensive result and maintain it for longer period. Thus, having a good lifestyle is for your health sake!


10. Can I drink Kiwi AC+ if I’m consuming prescribed medication to control acne?

Yes, we will advise you to stop consuming medicine 7 days before Kiwi AC+. In order to flush out the medicine toxin, it is recommended to increase dosage of vitamin C (1000mg per day) and drink more water.

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