JULVÀL Rejuvenating Face Lift Cream 50 ml


JULVÀL international Face Lift Cream with 49 excellent ingredients in an ultimate composition and dosage.
This highly effective anti-wrinkle cream, with SYN®-AKE for an instant and long term skin lift, is a natural alternative to botox.
With a non-harmful AHA-effect which reduces expression lines and wrinkles.
Ultra hydration for optimizing the moisture balance of your skin, which keeps your skin smoother and younger.
Ceramides stimulates cell renewal and increase skin elasticity, while the tripeptides provides a relaxation of the skin muscles for a younger expression and firmer facial contours. With UV protection.

The result is impressive. It can significantly reduce 52% of the existing wrinkle depth in only 28 days.

- Ultimate anti-aging
- Instant & long term lifting
- Ultra cell hydration
- Natural botox effect
- Cellulair renewal
- Firming facial contours
- UV protection
- Free radical protection
- Safe & perfect for usage under eye make up

Recommended usage
2-3x daily.

Massage this cream with gentle and smooth circles on to your face and upper neck.
With special care for the areas with expression wrinkles.

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