JULVÀL Eye Lift Gel 15 ml


JULVÀL international Eye Lift Gel with 44 excellent ingredients in an ultimate composition and dosage.
Our Eye Lift Gel is there to lift, protect and strengthen the fragile skin around your eyes and ideal for reducing puffiness and dark circles.
This gel protects against de-hydration and support the skin in the formation of an optimal moisture balance.
Improves elasticity of the skin, provides a fresh glance and slows the effects of aging.
With UV protection.

- Reduces tired eyes & dark circles
- Instant & long term lifting
- Smoothes dryness lines
- Ultra cell hydration
- UV protection
- Free radical protection
- Safe & perfect for usage under eye make up

Recommended usage
2x daily; in the morning & evening. massage this cream with gentle and smooth circles on to the skin around and under your eyes.

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