JULVÀL Dépigmentation Cream 50 ml


JULVÀL dépigmentation cream with 47 excellent ingredients in an ultimate composition and dosage.

Our dépigmentation cream is based on a patented peptide and colorless carotenoids for a double effect.
This cream whitens your entire facial skin or pigment spots but does not bleach your skin.
It contains only highly effective natural ingredients which safely regulates the disturbed pigment operation and reduces melanine production, while your skin is optimally cared for and protected. Your pigment spots disappear and new spots are hardly formed.
Optimal results are obtained when direct sunlight is minimized.
With UV protection.

- Pigment cell & melanin recovery
- Regenerates skin tissue
- Smoothes fine lines
- Firmer & more radiant skin
- Ultra cell hydration
- Safe pigment spots & facial skin lightening
- UV protection
- Free radical protection
- Safe and perfect for usage under make up

Recommended Usage
To illuminate your entire facial skin; use this cream preferably as a nightcream.
- massage this cream with gentle and smooth circles on to your face

For treatment of local pigment spots; use this cream 2x daily
- massage this cream with gentle and smooth circles on to the pigment spots
(!) preferably avoid direct sunlight
(!) maximum dosage: 2x daily

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