JULVÀL Cleanser Cream & Oil 150 ml


JULVÀL International Cleanser Cream & Oil with 37 excellent ingredients in an ultimate composition and dosage.

This innovative all in one cleanser rids the skin of dirt particles and makeup residues, regulates sebum production and refines pores.
A hydrating cleanser, which works as a makeup remover and toner with a magical texture. This remover changes during usage from a rich cream into a lush oil.
It stimulates skin cell renewal and protects your skin.

After removing the cream & oil, the skin feels extra soft and cared for. This moisturizing cleanser reveals a fresh and radiant skin tone.
- Innovative all in one cleanser
- Removes make up residues
- Removes skin residues and daily pollution
- Stimulates cell renewal
- Refines pores and sebum production
- Optimize skin tone
- Calms your skin
- Ultra cell hydration

Recommended usage
2x daily.

Massage this innovative cleanser with gentle and smooth circles on to your face and upper
neck until the rich cream has changed into a luxurious oil.
Then massage this luxurious oil with wet hands on to the same surface.
Rinse with lukewarm water

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