iEnzyme Plus (30 sachets x 2g)

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macam aku, ade aritu sekali, aku melantak banyak sangat daging, balik rumah bancuh and minum...rasa makanan yang diamik tu dihadam sempurna...takde la rasa macam makanan tak proper digest ke ape ke...perut pun selesa...tak lah rasa penuh semacam...
Nuranizawati Fisol
BLOGGER FROM lyzafisol
After I'd tried on 4 sachets after my heavy meals, I really felt that the count of my 'burps' and 'putts' decreased! Normally I burp more than usual after my unhealthy meal (like fast foods or nasi lemak) during my exam periods! It feels great!
Nicole Leong
BLOGGER FROM nicole yie
I felt a slight relief after consuming this. Don't judge a sachet by its weight! Hehe. It does helps ease the flow and all, and my body, especially tummy is very happy :D
Syazasuhana Ramli
BLOGGER FROM bloobsblurbs
Best drink untuk membantu menghadam makanan yang diambil. Perut selesa & badan maintain sehat... :)
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A***a F***l
on 31/03/2014