Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Pack Set Mask 50g + Cream 100g

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Total Body Care with Proteolytic Enzymes.

The Best-Selling Mask loved by celebrities worldwide, this is the Best- Selling Cosmetic line of in Tokyo selling over 6 million units! The enzyme pack can be used daily, especially to those who are having trouble with acnes, dark spots, and to those who want to brighten up their skin. The proteolytic enzymes washes out excess sebum and dead skin cells (which cannot be removed solely by soap), without harming living healthy cells. This can be used on face and whole entire body for those that are troubled with body acne especially back, shoulder, and arms.

Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes + Pick up Cream:  

  • Gets rid of all facial and body acne in 1 week
  • Less Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Removes all pore clogging dirt
  • Used for both women and men

Read the blogger testimonials!

“This will be my weekly skin ritual to achieve bright & youthful looking skin.”

Anna Bella Wong /

“I dare say these days my skin tone is slightly more even, a tad brighter for sure.”

Naeust / Jibun no Sekai de

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