Hollywood Cosmetics Orchid Enzyme Washing Powder 50g (Free Foaming Net)

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Selling over 6 million units in Tokyo alone, this revolutionary washing powder was developed by the renowned cosmetologist, May Ushiyama of Japan. The Orchid Washing Powder is the first ever in the world to include Proteolytic enzymes which removes all dead skin cells, and cleanses out all excess oil glands and sweat leading to an acne- free skin. The ceramide moisturizer that is also contained in the powder gets rid of all rough skin and is perfect for sensitive, dry or oily skin. Come across to this original natural skin by washing with this 100% purely made Japan item.

Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes:

  • Acne free in 1 week
  • Less Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Removes all pore clogging dirt
  • Removes all excess oil
  • Removes all dead skin cells
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Perfect for sensitive, dry, or oily skin
  • Used for both women and men

Read the blogger testimonials!

“I really love how it left my skin squeaky clean and moist at the same time.”

Caroline Ng May Ling / My Stories

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