HIME TSURU HANA Peeling Cream For Your Nose 18g

This is the peeling cream for nose blackheads and cuticle. Just rub gently onto your nose with tiny amount. The dirt on the skin is removed like an eraser!HOW TO USE :
1. Wash face thoroughly and use a towel to pat your face dry.
2. Take a dab (bean-sized) of the gel on your finger and apply to the nose. Spread it thinly and evenly.
3. Wait for 10 seconds and gently massage in a circular motion (Do not rub skin too hard).
4. After taking off the dirt, wash your nose with warm water. If the dirt does not come off, wash your nose with facial cleanser. 
*It is recommended to use this product 1~2 times a week.
※If you rub your nose right after you apply it to your nose, the dirt is hard to be taken away since the skin is still wet.
1) Please do not use it if there are abnormalities on the skin, such as irritation, wound, swelling and eczema rash.
2) Please do not use this product after any hair removal. 
3) Do not apply this product to mucosal membranes.
4) While you are using or after using, if some skin disorder occurs while exposed to sun, please stop using the product and consult the doctor immediately. 
5) Please do not use it around your eyes. 
6) Please keep out of reach of children. If the gel accidentally gets into eyes, rinse immediately with running water.
7) Avoid storing the product in extremely high or low temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.
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