Guerisson 9 Complex: - Korea Mega hit cosmetic, which is well-know for anti-aging Cream. This item has been released as one of the Korean TOP10 news - Premium German horse oil and processed five times for the finest quality - Sure Beauty sales No. 1  - Youth-back Cream, trace removing cream, a.k.a strengthen immunity cream - - 9 different herb extracts help soothe, firm, and protect skin for a vibrant appearance.  - Ceramides prevent moisture loss, strengthening skin’s natural barrier and softening dry skin. Horse Oil Introduction: - In history, there are many stories which show us its effect and used for treatment. - Ben Cao Gang Mu/Compendium of Materia Medica - It decreases wrinkles and freckles and softens rough skin - Secret method of Huatuo (華佗) to treat Liu Bei when he was shot by an arrow.  - In China and Asia, it was used as a medicine to treat burn and atopic dermatitis - Why horse oil is very effective for our skin? Because its fatty acid structure is similar with human’s
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