Dr Fuchs Secrets Time Therapy Day Creme - 50ml


Made In Germany

Dr. Michaela Fuchs has 25 years of experience as a health care professional and is specialized in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. Utilising her years of experience as a medical doctor who has learned to classify ingredients of drugs and use it for the right application, she became committed towards developing her own cosmetic products. The skin care products of Dr. Fuchs offer the ultimate combination of traditional and natural ingredients that utilize the latest findings of cosmetic research. Special attention is paid primarily to the ingredients used, which must meet the highest standards in safety and efficiency. In search of modern, effective cosmetics for women who shun invasive methods like wrinkle injections and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Michaela Fuchs combined for her Beautymed Therapy line effective substances in the innovative field of "cosmeceuticals" with proven products from natural cosmetics. "Cosmeceuticals" (composed of Cosmetic and Pharmaceuticals) are cosmetic products with biologically active ingredients.

For Time Therapy line products that fight against the signs of the times – such as dry skin, environmental stress and wrinkles - Dr. Michaela Fuchs utilised these three main active ingredients:

Syn®-Coll (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5)

The main component of the human connective tissue is collagen, which acts as scaffolding for the skin, keeping it supple and firm. Over the years, however, collagen synthesis is reduced, and the skin becomes wrinkled and limp. With the discovery of a bioactive peptide that is able to mimic the mechanism of the body for the formation of collagen, an effective ingredient has been found which can combat this inevitable collagen deficiency. This stroke of genius was accomplished by the Swiss pharmaceutical and cosmetic company Pentapharm, where Dr. Michaela Fuchs directly procures the active ingredient Syn ®-Coll for her cosmetics.

In clinical tests*, it was detected that Syn ®-Coll is able to stimulate collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts and thus actively combat collagen deficiency in the skin. In order to demonstrate the anti-wrinkle effect, a 84 days ongoing clinical study was conducted with 60 subjects, who applied a solution of the bioactive peptide twice daily on the skin. It was found that the depth of wrinkles was improved by up to 36%.

Phytohormon Soja (Soja Lecithine)

Soy acts as a plant hormone similar to estrogen. The declining estrogen levels from the age of 30 onwards in women is responsible for the onset of dry, wrinkled skin. Soy restores the skin's ability to store moisture that it is supplied with and thus permanently improves the skin condition.

Gamma-Derma-Oryzanol (γ-Oryzanol)

Oryzanol is a component of rice seeds that is an active ingredient for optimum skin protection. Harmful environmental factors accelerate skin aging and wrinkling, and the application of Oryzanol acts as anti-oxidant that delayes the visible signs of skin aging.

Mode of action:

This velvety day care cream is a perfect make-up base. It can protect the skin from damaging environmental influences and optimally combat dryness and wrinkles during the day. The highly effective ingredients are able to penetrate the skin barrier and thus help to improve the skin permanently.


In the morning, after cleansing the face, apply generously to face and neck. Avoid direct eye contact!
For oily skin, the fluid can also be used as a night cream.

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