Dr Fuchs Secrets Beauty Kick - Facial Spray - 50ml


Made In Germany

Dr. Michaela Fuchs has 25 years of experience as a heath care professional. With her extensive knowledge of medical research, she became committed towards developing her own line of cosmetics utilizing her excellent knowledge of the individual drugs and their specific applications. The cosmetics line from Dr. Fuchs relies on proven research results and is a perfect combination of traditional ingredients of natural and bioactive compounds that offer high impact results while offering advanced skin compatibility.

Face Mist for a fresh beauty kick, no matter where you are

When the heat becomes unbearable, we all wish for a burst of freshness to revitalize our good looks. This is exactly what Dr. Michaela Fuchs envisioned when she developed a facial spray that provides a real freshness and beauty Buzz. Whether at work, on the road or at play, you will enjoy the freshness of everything.

How does the spray work?

This mineral water spray enriched with natural witch hazel and chamomile extracts cools and refreshes. It also tightens the facial skin and moisturizes


Facial spray: With eyes closed, spray at a distance of about 30 cm towards the face and neck. The spray fits into any handbag and should be used sparingly, especially is heavy make-up is applied.

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