Deoproce Snail Galac-Tox Revital Skincare Program Set

DEOPROCE Snail Galac-tox Revital skincare program is a 5-step skincare collection that completely optimizes your skin condition. Snail secretion filtrate, which is effective in skin texture improvements forms a protective film and provides nutrition and moisture to skin upon application will result in healthy and supple skin. Galactomyces Ferment filtrate which is made with natural fermented yeast supplies rich nutrition and skin balance to add gloss and dew to the skin. Also infused with Volufiline, a patented ingredient which is effective improving skin elasticity and softness.
Recommended for ALL TYPES OF SKIN especially dehydrated & tired skin. 
  • Whitening
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Deep moisturizing and hydration
Set contains:
1) Deoproce Snail Galac-tox Revital Toner 130ml
Highly condensed snail mucus toner that makes skin smooth and moist. Contains snail secretion filtrate full of mucin to elasticate and soften skin. Galactomyces Ferment filtrate controls dead skin cells and maintains balance of skin, it really helps in whitening and wrinkle improvement. After washing your face, apply a suitable amount of toner onto face and pat lightly to absorb.
2) Deoproce Snail Galac-tox Revital Emulsion 130ml
Highly condensed snail mucus emulsion with rich nutrition that makes skin glossy. Snail secretion filtrate is responsible for improving coarse and dry skin texture. Volufiline aids in improvement of skin elasticity, alleviating wrinkles. After using toner, apply a suitable amount of emulsion and spread evenly onto skin. Massage lightly for maximum absorption.
3) Deoproce Snail Galac-tox Revital Cream (Night cream) 50g
High nutrition cream with snail nutritional elements that elasticates and moisturizes the skin to make it firmer and smoother. Extracting snail’s formidable recovering energy from snail mucin (snails recover damaged shells on their own), you will see the difference after consistent use of this powerful cream. After using toner, apply a suitable amount onto face and spread evenly. Massage lightly for better absorption.
4) Deoproce Snail Galac-tox Revital Eye Cream 10g
This eye cream is a luxurious cream specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes that delivers important nutrients deep into the skin for moisturizing and long-term repair. The premium formula of the cream can penetrate into the inner layer of the skin effectively for anti-oxidation, anti-aging and to reduce wrinkles. It preserves the youthful look, the elasticity and vitality of your skin. Gently spread around the eye area until the cream is absorbed into the skin. To be used after cleaning your face.
5) Deoproce Snail Galac-tox Revital Sleeping Pack 10g 
Specially formulated sleeping pack is designed as part of your night skin care regimen. Good for skin which is constantly exposed to air-conditionioning and/or dry weather. Application before sleep provides focused moisture to help reconstruct skin texture and prevent blemishes. After the last step in your night time skin care regimen, spread an adequate amount onto the whole face except the eye areas. Leave it on for the night and during sleep. Rinse with water and cleanse face in the morning. Apply 2-3 times a week to see best results.
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