Deoproce Coenzyme Q10 Firming Peeling Vegetal 170g

Deoproce Coenzyme Q10 range is formulated with Coenzyme Q10 substance that infuses cells with vitality!
  • Helps to create the source of energy required by cells, counters skin aging by protecting skin from active oxygen which is a factor in the aging process.
  • Helps to contract skin pores and increase skin tension is a key elements that can generate the crucial ingredients that are continuously requited to maintain skin's health and beauty.
Coenzyme Q10 anti-keratin agent incorporated in the Coenzyme Q10 peeling vegetal (exfoliate) retains ingredients that works through an anti-oxidant effect. Through these ingredients, the soft and mild scrub helps new skin to be formed by removing aged cells, making skin soft and moist like a baby. 
How to use:
After removing make-up, spread peeling vegetal (exfoliator scrub) gently onto face. Massage softly until dead skin rubs off. Rinse with warm water.
Made in Korea
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