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Reborn Collagen Plus is the only all-in-one beauty beverage in the market. It can truly indulge your skin to get the “moisturized”, “whitening”, “firming”, “delicate” and “beautifying” effect!

You may drink it instantly and makes moisturizing and whitening easier. With full and essential care during your busy work, it helps maintain your skin at optimum level.

5 in 1 Perfect Beauty Product, resolves your skin problems –  REBORN COLLAGEN

COLLAGEN - Firming

Hyaluronic Acid - Moisturize

SOY ISO - Smoothness

Pueraria Mirifica  - Breasts enhancing

L-Glutathlone - Whitening effect


Marine Collagen Peptide (Skin Firming)

Collagen is the protein of connective tissues. It has a huge degree of elasticity which is also an important part of the composition of ligament and tendon. The collagen also dominates the elasticity and recovery of our skin. As aging takes place, eventually it will cause wrinkles.

What are the problems can Marine Collagen Peptide solve?

Our body needs to absorb 4,500mg -5,000mg of Marine Collagen Peptide every day. Black eye, eye bag, fine wrinkles, wrinkles, spots, freckles, large pores, neck wrinkles, scar, dull skin and double chin, are the effect of lacking collagen peptide. Marine Collagen Peptide will be able to help in such conditions.

Six major skin beauty functions make you more perfect:

·         Prevent, restore, skin care to aging process, enhance cells regeneration

·         Strengthen skin tightness, restore skin elasticity and firmness, contract large pores

·         Smoothen, moisturize and soften the skin

·         Effectively enhance the skin metabolism

·         Reduce face wrinkles , fine wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging skin and dull skin

·         Able to reduce melanin, spots, freckles and age spots

·         Effectively reduce black eye, eye-bag issue, by having a pair of charming eyes.


Pueraria Mirifica (Breast Enhancement)

For women, the chest and figure can be considered as “career” and be seen as their achievement. A woman with her perfect “cleavage” is every woman natural mission. With a perfect figure, then only be able to show the fascination of famine. The key of confidence, fascination is determined by a lady’s “career” – that is the shape of her breast and her figure structure. For men, Pueraria Mirifica helps to firm the muscle, and smoothen and soften the skin. It is also very useful in anti-aging and solves the acne problem. The precious Pueraria Mirifica is definitely a perfect plant.

The factors that cause flat and small breasts:

·         Wrong slimming method

·         Pregnant

·         Breast dysplasia

·         Lack of vitamins

·         Hormone imbalance

·         Sagging

·         Aging skin

·         Shrinking

Did you have such problems?

·         Breast dysplasia, flat or size not even?

·         The breasts shape not nice looking, outwards and sagging problem?

·         The skin texture surrounding the breasts area is rough and dull?

·         Shrinking breast, soften and lack of elasticity?

·         Not satisfied with the breast outlook?

Pueraria Mirifica consists of more than 13 types of active “phytoestrogens” and “isoflavones” which are able to help stimulate and activate the secretion of women hormone and promote the growth of mammary gland and breast cells.

9 major breasts enhancement effect:

·         Firmer breasts

·         Perky breasts

·         Improve the breast development issues

·         Soften and smoothen the breasts

·         Reduce pigmentation, restore its originally light reddish colour.

·         Regulate hormone

·         Alternative to breast enhancement surgery

·      Improve menstrual discomfort

·         Firming, enlarge and enhance breasts size

It really enlarges!

16-23 years old enlarged 1.6cm

23-32 years old enlarged 1.2cm

32-40 years old enlarged 0.6 cm


Soy Isoflavones

Soy Isoflavones promotes regeneration of cells, collagen growth and anti free radicals in the body. Therefore, it helps to enhance the elasticity and firmness of the skin, eliminates fine wrinkles and wrinkles as well as free radicals to prevent the skin damage due to the exposure under sunlight. At the same time, it also helps to control pigmentation and prevent the forming of freckles and spots. From women’s perspective, Soy Isoflavones contains function which similar to human estrogen and it can also help in firming the breast and balance hormone.

7 major functions:

·         To overcome sagging skin to become firmer, smoother, softer and more moisturized.

·         Firming effect to the breasts and buttock

·         Maintain skin whitening and soften effect

·         Enhancing breast

·         Regulate hormone

·         Anti-aging effect

·      Enhance sex life quality


Hyaluronic Acid

If compared with normal moisturizing products, Hyaluronic Acid has 500 times more moisturize absorption level. Hyaluronic Acid helps skin to absorb and retain skin moisture to prevent dried skin condition. Hyaluronic Acid also helps to balance the oil and moisture level of the skin in order to maintain its smoothness and moisturized condition. The research showed that the Hyaluronic Acid is a very effective moisturizer, and amongst the most effective moisturize substance of all.

7 major functions which make your skin smoother, moisturized and softer

·         Improve dried and rough skin

·         Retain skin moisture

·         Maintain skin smoothness and moisture condition

·         Enhance skin luster

·         Improve skin peeling phenomenon

·         Penetrate deeply into deep skin level to replenish water

·         Enhances the smoothness of the skin



L-Glutathione retains in human liver, and it is an important anti-oxidant of human body. It helps to eliminate free radicals of the human body and cleanse body toxin. Furthermore, it also helps to detoxify the liver and reduce the burden of the liver. L-Glutathione is an essential element of whitening effect. L-Gluththlone will be able to dissolve in deep skin level and eliminate pigmentation and prevent any new pigmentation too. It turns pigmentation and yellow pigment to become red pigment which will help to provide a total whitening effect to the skin, and turn your skin to be smooth, supple and radiant like a baby. It restores damaged cells and prevents any damages of free radicals, stimulate skin regeneration. L-Gluththlone also plays an important role in prevention of ultraviolet damage effect.

9 major functions which make your skin become excellent

·         Reduce pigmentation and restore pinkish effect

·         Sun-block effect

·         Immediate whitening effect

·         Superb anti-aging effect

·         Reduce pigmentation

·         Fare skin texture

·         Spots, freckles and old spots will not be a problem anymore

·         Improve un-even texture and skin colour

·         Lighten black-eye effect


Q.1 What are the differences between Reborn Collagen Plus with other kind of collagen peptide?

Reborn Collagen is totally a natural formulation. It contains five types of formulas that enhance its radiant with anti-oxidant effect too. It is not only improved your sagging skin and it enhances breasts shape too. It also improves your dried skin condition and makes you feel youthful and reduce the chances of having old age speckle and wrinkles. It also with firming, luster and whitening effect, which makes you look younger.

Q2: How long do I have to consume to experience its effect?

The clinical research showed that after consume for a week, skin can become firmer, smoother. After 30 days the skin can even more smoother and moisturized and the condition of the skin would be improve clearly. As for the enhancing of the appearance of vigor in your breasts, after 20 days, you will be able to feel its enlargement, firmness and fuller.

Q3: Why it is better to consume collagen peptide together with vitamin C?

The amino acid composition of collagen is rather special, which hydroxproline exists only in collagen. The production raw material of Hydroxyproline provided by proline, Proline can only be conducting synthesis reaction with the assistance of vitamin C. A remarkable point is body unable to synthesize vitamin C, it has to be obtained from food. Where by REBORN COLLAGEN contains huge amount of vitamin C.

Q4: Does it cause weight gain after taking it?

No. It will not cause that effect. It is even better while you are on diet, it helps to enhance skin elasticity.

Q5: Will PUERARIA MIRIFICA which is exist in Reborn Collagen cause any side effects after consume by men ?

No, it will not cause any side effect to male. It helps male to firm his muscle, makes the skin smoother and softer. It can also helps in anti-aging process and solves the acne problem.

Q6: After the skin improved, do I still need to continue with it ?

Yes. As we grow older, our production of collagen will become slower. After 25 years old, the level of collagen will decrease 1.5% yearly. Adding with uncontrolled factors such as solar and radiation exposure (Ultraviolet A / Ultraviolet B), insufficient of sleep and stay up all night, decrease of immune system during aging process, pressure, environmental pollution, alcohol, smoking, lifestyle, eating habits and long-term medication. Therefore, we should regularly intake marine collagen peptide to maintain our youthfulness.

Q&: Any side effect after consuming Reborn Collagen?

It will not cause any side effects after taking it. Usually for women, depends on their individual physical condition may cause some reaction such as, leucorrhea (white vaginal discharge) and fever etc. That is because REBORN COLLAGEN PLUS contains PUERARIA MIRIFICA which regulates women hormonal balance effectively. During its regulating process, it may cause such phenomenon. After consume for one week, such condition will improve. Therefore, please rest assured to consume it with peace of mind.

Q8: Is this suitable for those who pregnant?

A: Those who pregnant are not suitable for taking it. If anyone who are having any prescription, medication and under physicians’ guidance must first consult their physicians. 

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