Cell Labs Sheep Placenta Plus 15000mg 60s x 2

The CellLabs Sheep Placenta with Grape Seed Oil Plus provides sheep placenta plus 3 other potent antioxidants; Grape Seed Oil + Astaxanthin 3.5% + Lycopene 6% in a single daily supplement that works synergistically to slow down the signs of aging from within.

This superior formula also helps to neutralize free radical damage, promotes quicker cell repair, shuts down your sick cells, and ultimately extends the lifespan of your healthy cells.

Revitalize Your Beauty
Everybody dreams of remaining young and beautiful in life for as long as possible, as aging is inevitable and so are its effects. Still, to maintain the youthfulness and vigor throughout life, it requires a different mindset and special effort to minimize the negativities of aging. Women especially are more conscious in this aspect, as most of them are aware of the menopausal effects that can lead to immense hormonal changes affecting their beauty and youth. But all these effects can╒t leave a deep impact if some basic tips in maintaining the youth and beauty are followed long before the aging can take its toll.

Premature Aging?
While it is common knowledge that our skin beauty peaks around the ages of 20-25, many do not realise that we inadvertently kick-start the process of premature aging ourselves! We dose our skin with unnecessary chemicals, subject our cells to dangerous pollution, and allow our bodies to incredible stresses. All these things give your skin the appearance of being much older than its natural state, creating wrinkles, eye bags, spots and sagging skin.

Prevention is better than cure as what they say and beautiful skin is maintained by preventing the signs of premature aging more than by curing wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin. One of the best methods of preserving health and beauty is by revitalising your cells from the inside out, literally reanimating your cells into their healthy, optimum peak states.

Each softgel contains 300mg of concentrated active material from 15,000 mg of fresh sheep placenta (50:1): 300mg x 50 = 15,000 mg of fresh sheep placenta extract

For best results, take 1 softgel daily before breakfast on an empty stomach.

You should avoid consuming diuretic agents (alcohol, tea, coffee, etc.) within two hours after taking it. Do not mix with detox supplement on the same day as it will reduce the nutrient absorption in the small intestine.
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