Cell Labs HBF 15g x 20s

An All-Natural SOLUTION To Our Problems

CellLabs HBF is a completely NATURAL & ORGANIC blended mix of potent nutritious fruits and vegetables. It enables our bodies to regain its natural functions through a more efficient way of eliminating toxins from our bodies and better absorb nutrients for optimum inner health that promotes outer beauty.

Benefits of CellLabs HBF:
-Cleanse mucous, congestion, fermentation, inflammation in the digestive tract
-Eliminate toxins
-Strengthen the body╒s defences against cancer
-Improve immune functions
-Neutralise free radicals
-Generate healthy cells
-Helps to reduce weight and shape tummy
-Helps to reduce the cravings for sugar, salt, alcohol, junk foods, nicotine, etc.

Direction to use:
Mix 2 sachets (15g) with a glass (250ml) of water in a shaker container. Cover, shake to mix it well, and drink it immediately. Take one glass per day before you sleep.

It is suggested you drink 6-8 glasses of water daily for CellLabs HBF functional food to work efficiently.

CellLabs HBF does not contain any corn, animal parts, artificial colours, synthetic chemicals and preservatives, MSG, egg, cholesterol, yeast or added salt. There are no side effects in taking CellLabs HBF.

Net weight: 300g (15g x 20 sachets)
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Just start to drink. The taste was quiet good. When the food you take too oily, you will go toilet. Not like other product willmake you keep on going toilet in a day.
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M***e L***e
on 16/04/2015
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
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L***y S***u F***g
on 22/06/2014
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
4 reviews
B***g S***g
on 16/05/2014
Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
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s***a r***a L***E
on 02/05/2014