Bonavoce Ultra Volume Mascara


  • The Ideal Configuration : Volume Up Brush

Transforms light, thin or excessively downward lashes into stunningly 'volumy' eyelashes in a single stroke. The unique spoon-shaped brush is designed to grip each of your individual eyelashes with lash building fibers. Beautifully style your lashes with the long bristles on the side of the brush.

  • Build Volume in Layers Without Clumps

Volumize by coating each and every lash glamorously with specially formulated mascara liquid containing silk powder. Smooth wax glides on perfectly without dragging. Treats and improves eyelashes with beauty ingredients while wearing makeup.

  • Easy to Remove Film-type Eyeliner

Massage warm water gently to rinse off mascara effortlessly. Easily washed without the use of harsh makeup removers! Suitable for false eyelash and extension.

*Do not over-scrub. Oil cleansing does not melt makeup.

  • High Resistance to Sweat and Tears

Adhesive film resists water and sebum, preventing mascara from smearing and smudging. This film-forming polymer instantly coats lashes and avoids panda eyes throughout the day.


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Products delivered promptly and in good condition!
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