Bio Magic Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream Promo Set

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Set includes:

1) Bio Magic Talc Free Deluxe Gold Diamond BB Cream & Lip balm – WORTH RM158!

NEW: Nutrition, Elasticity, Whitening
BEST: Base & Foundation, Essence, Sebum Control, Talc Free


Features / Main Ingredients: -

Gold BB Cream:
Panax Ginseng Root Extract
Caviar Extract
Sweet Almond oil
Ruby Powder
Amethyst Powder
Tocopherol Acetate

Diamond BB Cream:
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Caviar Extract
Green Tea Extract
Pearl Powder
Coral Powder
Propolis Extract
Tocopheryl Acetate

Effects of the Key Componets:
Natural Jewel Powder (Ruby, Coral, Pearl and Amethyst)
With the natural ingredients, your face will look naturally glowing and gorgeous

Green Tea Extract
Anti Oxidant, to avoid cell damage by free redicals
Anti Aging, to help inhibit collagen and therefore maintain firm and elastic skin

Water Soluble Collagen
Keeps skin elasticity, defends wrinkles, resists radiation, maintains water

Sturgeon Egg (Caviar)
Hydrating, mosturizing & Nourishing.
Regeneration of Skin Cell to maintain skin firmness.

Anti Aging, rejuvenating, treating wrinkled and aged skin, Anti radical effect

Comes with Lip Balm at top cover
Lip Balm Suitable for lip dryness problem and gives your lips vibrant and sheer looking effect

2) Cityeyes Dual Eye Shadow – WORTH RM88!

Dual Shadow - tip filled shadow - easy and convenient to use
This integral type tip filled shadow is easy and convenient to apply.
The 2 bright shadow and point shadow can be used individually or mixed with other colors.
This baked type shadow with exclusive pearl color can create deep and beautiful eye make-up.


Apply around eyelid or other part with one color or mix with other color.
For more delicate and longer maintain color, spread and rub using finger.

3) Cityeyes Pearl Color Pencil – WORTH RM68!

Soft shadow combined with liner.

This is a smooth cream type formula color pencil which can maintain vivid color for a longer time with fresh and sheer look. With glitter pearl color effect, it creates a sophisticated eye make up.

For eye shadow – draw vertically to get wider line
For eye liner – draw horizontally to get slim line
It contains of Vitamin E & Grape Seed oil to maintain moisture and provide nutrient around the eye.

Usage : Use as eye shadow or liner around eyelash.

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