BiO-LiFE Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg 100s x 3


For general well-being

BiO-LiFE Evening Primrose Oil 500mg and 1000mg Vegicapsᄄ soft provide a rich source of GLA (10%). Generally, evening primrose oil is suitable for elderly people.

Adults: For health maintenance, take one capsule three times daily with food for 12 weeks, then dosage can be reduced to one capsule twice daily.

May cause headaches in sensitive individuals, especially those who are prone to headaches due to alcohol consumption.

Certain people with poor fat digestion may feel nauseous when they start taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules.

It is best taken in divided doses throughout the day.

Some people might experience minor rashes and pimples when they first start on THREE capsules of evening primrose oil daily but these tend to subside after 8-12 weeks of regular supplementation.

Most of BiO-LiFE range of fatty acid products is encapsulated in vegetable based soft gelatine. Soft gelatine capsules are prepared from gelatine, glycerine and water and can absorb several times their weight in water. Moisture is a very critical spoilage factor.

Do not pour out capsules onto the palm, but use the cover of the bottle. When the capsules are attacked by moisture, they would become soft, leak and thus causes capsules to stick together.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Contains 3 units of 100 capsules

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Have been taking this for a few months now and it has been good. Good for my skin and mood though you will only see the effect after constantly taking for a month or more.
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K***e P***g
on 17/04/2014