BiO-LiFE BG Barley 25 510g


BiO-LiFE BG Barley 25 contains barley beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are soluble fiber that can be found naturally in the bran of cereal grains such as barley. Of all cereal grains, barley has the richest source of beta-glucan. Clinical studies have shown that the consumption of at least 3g of beta-glucans significantly lowers blood cholesterol levels. It also aids in facilitating blood-sugar regulation and weight management.�

Adult: Take 1 scoop daily before food or as recommended by your pharmacist.

As main ingredient of BG Barley 25 is fiber, some people may experience flatulence, particularly if an individual already consume a high-fiber diet.

Suitable for vegetarians and lactose intolerant individuals, low in fat and sugar, sodium free

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