b.liv Off With Those Heads - Blackheads Sebum Gel (30ml)


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2012 - Seventeen Beauty Award MY – Best Blackheads remover
2013 - Cite Beauty Award MY – Oil Control + Acne & Pore Care Top 3

This sebum gel extracts white- and blackheads with ease - without the need to painfully squeeze.

Off With Those Heads removes white & blackheads without violence or pain, and stops them from appearing ever again. The gel softens the clog blocking your pores, allowing for effortless extraction and removal of all sores. Its essence ingredients keep oil secretions under control, and skin irritation will never again rule!

Use Off With Those Heads daily, on your cleansed, towel-dried face.
1. Pump 2-3 pea-sized drops onto your palm.
2. Apply on T-zone areas, or areas with black and whiteheads.

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USERS (73)
After using this serum gel for a week (used it daily after cleansed the face), I can see that the white heads are getting less obvious and no more new whiteheads grow on my nose. YAY! *open champagne*
Kharn Yee
I couldn't see any noticeable difference initially, until I compared the photos side by side and was shocked at how well this product has worked. HOLY MOLY! In just two weeks, my whiteheads have disappeared significantly, pimples have gotten less red and there are also less noticeable 'bumps' on my nose and areas around my nose, making makeup application smoother.
ALL those blackheads that you wonder how it will get “OFF”, will be OFF on the tissue. Okay. it’s really really gross for some people, but to see all the blackheads (it won’t be black, it’ll be yellow. cause they are clogged dirty oil). things on the tissue. You will feel great and fantastic.
I was not expect too much at first (If you try scrubbing products, peeling masks or nose strips before, but all those heads still on your nose, you will finally give up after that. ), of course blackheads & whiteheads won't simply disappear suddenly, but it is effective, just wait the result patiently. I don't even know how all those heads gone, but I think the gel is soften my skin and metabolize my heads after that. It has a temporary cooling effect. Leaves no shine or dryness to the area applied. I don't need to squeeze my nose finally, how amazing! ♥
I see my blackhead appeared lesser now! I'm using it for two week already and I'm still waiting for a month to see a better result! I'm waiting for you to impress me, you little sebum gel! I b.liv you! XD
使用b.Liv 的效果比起三年前的效果不太一样, 尤其我发现它改善额头粉刺效果特别有效;鼻头的黑头粉刺在照片上看不出太大的差异, 但我个人还蛮满意的, 尤其是黑头不再那么顽固了。另外, 除了改善黑头和粉刺的问题, 我也发觉鼻翼旁两颊的毛孔缩小了, 这是bLiv by Cellnique带给我的第二个惊喜。
I thought the extraction after two weeks to be difficult and painful, but it was relatively easy. All the blackheads just came off with minimal pressure.The blackheads really are softened! (And to finally be able to extract all those blackheads after two weeks was such a relief!) If you have really congested skin, I would assume the process takes a whole lot longer. An awesomesauce product as a whole! <3 I will make sure this goes into my everyday skincare routine from now onwards!
so far aku dah pakai beberapa hari ni, terasa liang pori mengecil...muka aku tak ada lah berminyak mana pun...blackheads and whiteheads nampak kurang...muka makin licin...tu yang bestnya... aku suka produk ni, cuma kurang ke bau nya...dalam 14 hari dijamin akan nampak kesannya...tapi aku pakai 4 5 hari ni pun dah nampak kesan...apatah lagi 14 hari...
After using this consecutively for few nights , I can see that they are lesser white heads on my nose and it also helps to shrink my black heads becoming smaller . Please note that , when you applied this you will tends to feel a slightly warm feeling on the part that you just apply . I believe that, that is the feeling of my black heads and white heads are MELTING !
See Ree Na
The serum does cause some excessive secretion of oil during the first few days of application. For the days after that, I does not feel any different anymore. I then notice the blackheads under my pores started to appear on top of my nose. Which is a good thing to be see.
E Jing
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W***h Z***n
on 06/06/2015
The products have been received promptly and in good condition. After using this gel my blackheads reduced and soften.
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