Abbott Surbex Bio-Enhanced Fish Oil Plus 60s


55% of EPAX Omega-3 in Bio-Sol softgel capsule. Bio-Enchanced Fish Oil Plus is encapsulated in oblong opaque white softgel capsule filled with yellow suspension.

-High concentration EPAX Omega-3 (33% EPA and 22% DHA) with 15 I.U. natural Vitamin E
-Extracted from deep sea marine (South America) small fishes such as anchovies, mackerel and sardine to ensure high concentration of Omega-3
-Molecular Distillation for concentrated purity using Ultra Purification Technology (UPT) that utilizes low temperature and ultra high vacuum preserve EPA & DHA during extraction for maximum benefits
-High bio-availability of EPA and DHA
-Pleasant orange flavour - No fishy aftertaste
-Formulated with patented Bio-Enhanced Technology for optimal absorption

Contains 60 capsules

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